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Everyone have the desire of sleeping in a nice, comfortable surface where nothing can tend bother you. Besides the mattress your bed requires a cover to maintain the shape and comfort level of the bed. These covers help to attain a completely smooth surface which every home maker prefers. They are mostly made from cotton but nowadays, you can avail them in a wide range of material like silk and polyester. They are basically used to give a reflection of an organized bedroom. Bed covers by WG Fabs have caught the interest of many with their amazing set of designs and colors therefore we wholesale bed cover sets all over India.

You will not believe that our bed covers are considered as one of the best in the industry due to the fabulous designs which describe richness and class. With the introduction of these latest designs, many bed covers manufacturers in India are going through a struggling phase. We make use of the best-grade materials so that all the covers we produce are of the world class standards. The wide range of products under the collection of bed covers has reached million homes satisfying customers in terms of looks and comfort.

Our range of bed covers are listed below:

PEARL FROST- Simple yet elegant, they are among the plain covers from our collection. They are especially designed for people who like to see their room simple and classy. Even though they are not well-designed printed, they are made using premium grade cotton to ensure comfort.

REVERIE – These designer bed covers are also made using cotton but unlike “Pearl Frost” these beds are printed with striped and checkered patterns. Multiple colors are merged in the covers to attain a bright and lively look.

INSILK – As the name describes these bed covers are made using high quality silk. This gives a seamless and shimmery finish to the covers. Though they are made from silk you will never find any difference in the comfort level than cotton covers.

EUPHONY – This range of designer bed cover will entice you with every glance as they are designed with attractive colorful stripes and intricate patterns. Made using cotton, these fabulous collections describe modernity and sophistication.

ENCORE – You will definitely fall in love with these covers and their distinct appearance. The silky smooth touch and exotic designs will help you make your bedroom a fascinating place to be in.

With a widespread economy and influencing modern trends, bed covers manufacturers in India are running at its best.

WG Fabs is keen in distributing the products inside and outside the nation through various means. Sellers and retailers make distribution a lot easier to wholesale bed cover sets throughout the market. This is a great opportunity for all to increase their business and increase the approach towards the customers.

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