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Beds are among the important furniture in a home as it makes a perfect place to rest and sleep. It also offers a rich and elegant appearance to your entire bedroom. This attractive look can only be achieved with bed sheets that are designed with wonderful colors and beautiful designs. They tend to conceal all the negative impression imparted by your bed and offer a vibrant appearance. In this modern trend, new and improved designs have come up to help you keep your home ready for any occasion.

WG Fabs is one of the top bed sheet designers in the industry and a renowned wholesale bed sheets supplier & manufacturers in India. Here, the finest quality of material and vibrant colors are used to attain world class products. The meaning of true living can be can be adopted from our fascinating collection of bed sheets. With state-of-the-art production facility, keen team members and an aim to satisfy the customers, we achieve international quality standards. We, being wholesale bed sheet manufacturers play huge roles in making every home elegant and attractive. We design them with a broad concept so that every individual can avail the look of their choice. Each cover has a completely different design and color combination to impart a new look during every occasion. We make a lot of effort to attain the best quality. Apart from this, we ensure that they are made best quality cotton to ensure high level of comfort.

The range of fabulous bed sheets from WG Fabs are classified into two categories, which are as follows:

CALICO: When light shades are printed over bleached fabrics the designs which you get are referred to as calico. This design of bed sheets is popular among people who prefer a calm and pleasant look in their home. They contain artistic floral prints, mild patterns with two or more color combinations.

HAND BLOCK: The pattern printed on these bed sheets are considered to be the oldest form of fabric design. They are made with precisely carved wooden blocks or molds which are dipped in dye to attain a particular color and design of pattern.

WG Fabs are one of the few bed sheet manufacturers in India who use this method create eye-catching patterns. With infinite number of bed sheets, we look forward in channeling the products through various methods of distribution. For the growth of business we call upon retailers and distributors to widen our reach throughout the nation. The partnership will help us to reach out to the customers in a very effective manner.

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