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Bringing together the richness of bright hues and tangible opulence to exude chic sophistication in your abode. Fill your space with radiant, glowing shades of the palette and frame the entire look with soft edges. The bed covers and diwan sets under this collection will surely make your home décor feel a bit more luxurious. The diwan sets are a masterpiece, which get merge in perfectly and harmonize with all the other elements of your décor. Their classic charm intertwines with modish aspects to inline your space with a more polished appearance. Unload comfort infused with luxury as you lay back over the diwan set to enjoy their royal feel. The diwan sets comprise of one single bed sheet, two bolster covers and three cushion covers or five cushion covers to make things around you seems more lavish and comfy. Just to take your décor a notch up the bed covers offer the perfect room embellishment for your bedroom to uplift the room atmosphere. Make your slumber a memorable experience, as you fall back and feel its plush soft texture. The dobby fabric used is weaved to create distinctive patterns and designs with vivid colors to make your home décor look exceptionally superior.